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A Nation Without a Homeland

Documentary | 2015 | 11 mins

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Mohamed is a refugee from Syria – a result of the crisis of 2010. He has no recollection of his family or life before he reached Baghdad. In an attempt to reunite Mohamed with his family, Warith Kwaish embarks on a journey, searching the refugee camps along the Iraqi-Syrian border, desperately seeking leads as to their whereabouts. Along the way, he discovers people’s selfless desire to aid his search, as well as the tragic stories of some of the thousands of Syrian refugee’s like Mohamed. Will Warith’s search prove fruitful?   


Director - Warith Kwaish

Wareth Kwaish

Wareth  studied cinema at the Baghdad institute of fine arts, specializing in cinema. He gained experience in this field working with Iraqi director, Mohamed Al-Daradji as well as working on other projects by Iraqi filmmakers.


Wareth has completed two films, ‘Once they were here’ and ‘A Nation Without A Homeland’ which was completed in 2014 as part of the Iraqi Independent Film Centers short film workshop. He currently works for the Iraqi Independent Film Centre.


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A Nation Without a Homeland
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